What’s Left To Do After the Final Boss? Co-op Teleporting Platformer ROVING ROGUE Now Available on Wii U

What comes after The End?

That’s the question that has dogged humankind’s greatest thinkers for millennia. Where do we go? What happens? Who will be there?

In this case, at least, I can tell you. The answers are: “a crumbling castle,” “you run and teleport,” and “steadfast knights, goblin archers, obsessed ghosts, demented wizards, and other dangerous foes.”

In Roving Rogue, the multiplayer platforming adventure making its debut on Wii U on July 2nd, the end is the beginning. The game starts after our hero—rougish adventurer Kurt— defeats the final boss. Which usually spells victory and spoils and Princesses for the victor. Except that Kurt has forgotten why he’s in this castle in the first place…

With a little help from your friends, you will navigate Kurt through 42 levels barring your way OUT of the castle. You’ll stick your enemies with the pointy end of your trusty swords. You’ll teleport through obstacles with your short-range teleportation ability while fending off fireballs and lava and evil magic. Along the way, you’ll regain your memories that reveal why you were there in the first place. And you may not like what you remember….

Roving Rogue Game Features
•Local co-op multiplayer (up to 4 players) will test your abilities to work as a team
•42 frantic levels packed with enemies and obstacles to test your cooperative (or uncooperative) skills
•An intricate story told backwards, full of twists and turns
•A pixelated homage to your all-time favourite Golden Age classics
•Simple yet deep mechanics and interaction
•Fast-paced, flexible teleportation
•Retails for USD $7.99

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