Woof! Be the boss of a Dog Hotel!

Tivola Publishing, a leading publisher of familiy games, has today released DogHotel: My boarding kennel for dogs. The game is available worldwide for free in Apple App Store, Amazon App Shop and Google Play. It has been localized in nine languages and is suited for kids age 7 and up as well as families and animal lovers of all ages.

About the game:

The player is tasked with leading a boarding kennel for dogs and is responsible for the well-being of the animals. The dogs need to be fed and groomed and petted and taken for walks. They can also be taught new tricks with clicker training: Imagine the owner’s surprise when she comes to fetch Lucky the Labrador after her holiday – and the dog responds eagerly to “give paw”.

Every dog in the game is special and poses different challenges for the player.

And caring for the dogs is not everything: The boarding kennel can be expanded and decorated.

The game has been made for kids in primary school, but can be played by older kids as well. The graphics and animations show the dogs and their behavior realistically. The ingame text provides interesting and instructional information for every dog.

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