Lightspeed Frontier, a light-hearted space-adventure game (Video)

It’s time to assemble the ultimate spaceship for galactic domination as open-world sandbox, spaceship building and exploration game Lightspeed Frontier launches into Early Access via Steam (PC) today for $14.99. Lightspeed Frontier, from Riveted Games and Crowdwork Studios, is a light-hearted space-adventure game where players build ships from block modules before exploring the galaxy via open-ended missions. Mission outcomes have a lasting effect on the surrounding environment as well as the galactic stock market that controls the economy.

As captain, players embark on an adventure to discover the mysteries of the universe as they complete missions to reap the riches of the galaxy. During exploration, captains decide whether to practice diplomacy or engage in riveting battle with crime lords and space pirates. As a savvy space entrepreneur, players must compete against greedy corporations that are monopolizing business to become the most successful captain in the galaxy.

“Lightspeed Frontier is a combination of sandbox and story, where people can choose their own path,” said Philip Devine, Producer at Riveted Games. “During play gamers will run into clues about quests, but with the open world gameplay, players can choose to partake in these adventures or free roam the galaxy fighting other ships and stealing their parts. No play session will be the same and it’s up to each player’s imagination to determine their own outcome.”