Lightspeed Frontier first alpha test (Video)

Lightspeed Frontier, a humor-filled space sandbox game where players build lego-like ships to battle, explore, and mine their way towards becoming a successful space entrepreneur, announced it is entering its first alpha test on Friday, June 17th 2016. Eligible to anyone who signs up on their website at, it will feature the main ship building mechanics, quests, and combat.

Developed by Crowdwork Studios, and published by Riveted Games, Lightspeed Frontier is expected to enter Steam Early Access by Q3 of this year.

“Lightspeed Frontier comes together to form a funny, challenging, and creative take on space exploration games,” Riveted Games founder Philip Devine said. “Watching Vid Rijavecs vision come to life when developing this game has been exciting to experience, and as a recent high school graduate his programming skill and sense of humor definitely betray his age.”