Space Bot Alpha is a fun Qix style game for touch devices

Players guide plucky repair bot Alpha as he saves his ship and out-smarts an evil Alien Space Squid in this new area-claiming game for touch devices.

Alpha must build walls to seal off the ship from the squid. Seal 75% of a level and its on to the next level. The trick is getting those 2 star (85%) and 3 star (90%) scores! To seal larger areas Alpha must build walls up close, trapping the Alien. Be careful, the Alien is tricky! Alpha has meteorite shields which he puts to good use protecting himself from the Alien Space Squid, but if Alpha detaches from the power rail: guess what, no shields!

Its a game of wits, strategy and timing as Alpha tries to trap the Alien Squid to seal the largest possible area without getting hit by the Alien green slime while unshielded! Luckily our hero can find flash bombs to stun the Alien, and Energy Cells so Alpha can power his shields and speed up for a short time. There’s also Repair Kits so Alpha can dust himself off and get back in the game after an Alien attack. Higher levels have tricky surprises awaiting and more clever Aliens! Do you have what it takes to out-smart the Alien Squid?

Space Bot Alpha is the first published game for Brisbane, Australia independent developer Smithsoft. The game is built in Objective-C for iPad and iPhone, said Sarah Smith, the developer of Space Bot Alpha. “We’re working on a port to Android using Apportable, and early builds of the game run well on older Android hardware already” said Smith.

The game ships with 10 levels and updates are on the way with two more level packs of 10 levels each, said Smith. This game will be a hit with lovers of strategy games who are looking for something challenging to play on their iPad and other touch devices.

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