Lil Big Invasion: Release date update (Video)

After two years in the making my first game is headed to Steam next week.

Lil Big Invasion is a top-down 2D action-adventure game with unique puzzle solving mechanics. It’s cute but with a very dark atmosphere. It lets the player dive into a charming but also challenging world.

As an aged firefly you have to rescue silly green guys from being lost in dark and dangerous dungeons. You need to find them, keep them together and lure them with your light to the exit – a giant vacuum cleaner, which transports them back to the surface.

On Steam Greenlight the game received a lot of positive feedback. Comments like “Original and cool”, “there is so much attention to detail” and “love the sound effects” emphasize the unique gameplay and the polished presentation of the game.

I developed Lil Big Invasion in my spare time and it took me about two years. Everything in the game is handcrafted by me and it was a lot of fun to create. After I got the core gameplay going in Unity3D I designed every dungeon with pen and paper. The biggest fun was to create the sound effects and the music. The game is designed for mouse input and touch devices. I tried to implement gamepad support but capturing those green guys without a pointing device has never felt right to me.

Lil Big Invasion will be available on Steam on August 4th for about 5£.