Lili: Child of Geos comes to the PS4

Independent game studio Panic Button brings breezy graphical adventure gameplay to PlayStation 4 with Lili: Child of Geos – Available now in the Sony Store!

Playing as Lili, enjoy single-player exploration through Geos – a mysterious island with some quirky inhabitants.

Solve puzzles, talk with weird residents, scuffle a bit, and enjoy the gorgeous, cartoony art.

“What I like about Lili is it’s a good-looking game, made by people influenced by a long history of graphical adventures, and it has gameplay and an art style that is accessible to a broad range and age group of gamers,” said Adam Creighton, Panic Button’s Studio GM and Director of Development.

Originally created by developer BitMonster, Lili: Child of Geos has been updated for PlayStation 4, with additional writing, a revamped user interface, and an all-new journal for keeping track of the magical world, its denizens, and the collectables you will find along the way.

“This game is a fun diversion,” Creighton said. “Gameplay is easy going, it has clever dialog from the BitMonster folks, and we worked with Panic Button’s current and recent partners to add some nice nods to recent projects our studio has been a part of over the years.”

Besides building on Panic Button’s long-time development experience with PS4, Lili: Child of Geos is the most recent title from the company’s new digital distribution services.

“This is another of those opportunities where we are able to help a developer come to a platform that makes a lot of sense for their game,” said Creighton.

Gamers who purchase Lili in the first two weeks after launch will get a gorgeous dynamic theme for free for their PlayStation 4 (the theme will later be sold in the Sony Store).