Lines – by That Wonderful Lemon Co.

We are still super stoked and thus are unleashing ‘Lines’ yet again!
Now you can play Lines on your fancy Windows Phone. Yes, finally, something bright and colourful to mess around with while you wait for a bus or sit on the loo. Best bit – Lines is still free!


Forgotten what Lines is? Not to worry, Lines is a wee puzzle game where you can enjoy addictive col-our-matching, line-making, seat of your pants action.

Rows slide down the pillar and using your mouse to turn the row of coloured blocks, matching them with the row below. Match enough, you make a Line – the longer the Line, the higher the score. It is a tricky little puz-zler with a fiendish time limit that will make you swear like a sailor.

Sure, you can buy your way through the levels – hell, we want to make a little cash somehow – however there is absolutely no need to spend a penny. We are making sure of this. Nothing bothers us more than having to spend cash to progress when your bad-ass skills are sitting there, primed and ready for action.

(Psst. We never post stuff to walls. Sure, you can post stuff, and we let you shout about your success if you like, but Lines will never do it without your say so. After all, sometimes it is nice to have others bask in your glory a little.)

Lines, hard core enough for your bus stop wait, casual enough for your Mum

· Loads of levels
· Fancy graphics
· Facebook synchronisation (so your progress will be kept between different devices)
· Your friends faces and messages
· Leaderboards for you to show off your amazing prowess
•Prizes to help you score even higher


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