Long Keith The Sausage Thief launched on Google Play

In February 2019, game developer Oliver Hindle (better known as Oliver Age 24) started streaming a ‘Make a game in 1 hour’ challenge. The challenge was to create a small but complete game within the space of an hour.

After an hour had elapsed, Oliver had coded the basics of a reverse snake prototype. In this game you grow continuously, and eating items will cause you to shrink, unlike classic Snake where eating items makes you grow. It was a simple twist on an old classic that inverted the mechanics and made it endless.

Oliver teamed up with artist and long-term collaborator, Steven ‘Soxy’ Brooker, to form a new Games Studio, Pack It Up Boys, and complete the prototype.

The entire development of the game was broadcast on Twitch and was influenced by suggestions from chat, resulting in a community-made game with drastically increased scope.

7 months later, the development duo are proud to release their debut mobile game, Long Keith The Sausage Thief onto Google Play. It only took 345 hours longer than intended… a 35,500% increase.

Game Overview

We’ve completely flipped the classic Snake mechanics on their head. Keith is a nervous dog that constantly grows longer. Steal and eat sausages to calm him down and reduce his size!


  • Explore the Sausageverse across 50 levels of increasing difficulty and challenge throughout 5 different worlds.

  • Will you become the best sausage smuggler in the world? Keep improving your scores to climb the leaderboards.

  • Use your skills to unlock 20 different costumes for Keith. Collect them all and equip your favourites.

  • Each world introduces new mechanics and adds a spicy new twist to the gameplay, making it easy to play, but hard to master.

  • Each level has 3 Stars to unlock, can you achieve them all?

  • Eat golden sausages to poop rainbows and propel yourself into the 4th dimension!

  • Thanks to the feedback from our playtesters, we’ve developed two super intuitive control schemes. Take your pick: Swiping the screen or tapping!