Mad Bullets hits the App Store

From the first scratch of the tumbleweed, to the notorius towns filled with bad guys… isTom Games came a long way to bring the frantic shooter of the Wild West!

Mad Bullets finally released on iOS for FREE!

Grabbing the elixir of the legendary lightgun games (such as Time Crisis, Point Blank, Operation Wolf), we made the easiest control on a touchscreen! Shoot the bad guys, free the damsels in distress, and don’t forget to destroy the whole environment for goodies! There’s no unpleasant conclusion, only pure and FUN gameplay, where everything’s up to the most important person in the game: YOU!

– The EASIEST shooter controls on any platform, ever!
– The CRAZIEST characters since… we don’t know!
– The MADDEST bullets in gaming history!
– The MOST politically incorrect Wild West representation!
– The FUNNIEST mini games, to test your reflexes!

And all of these in:
– 3 locations, on 50 levels
– 200 missions
– 33 achievements
– Upgradeable equipments, Game Center support!

And here are some words from the players, themselves!

“It is a very professional looking game and it is very polished.” – Therealtrebitsch

“In my opinion this game is a perfect display of how to do free to play.” – the fish

“The feel of the gameplay and interaction meets expectations based on the trailers that were out before release.” – rcl66

“This is actually a well done shooter so far. Reminds me of a Time Crisis/Virtua Cop type shooter.” – WoolyNinja

“This game has exceeded my expectation. The most fun I’ve had in ages on my iPhone.” – TouchGamer1987

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