Mimimi Productions Releases Deluxe Version of Apple Design Award Winner “daWindci”

daWindci was a critical and commercial hit when it launched back in April 2011. Its intuitive gesture controls, charming graphics and haunting, meditative soundtrack appealed to both casual players and core gamers. The debut title of Mimimi Productions, it won the Apple Design Award, attained top ranking in App Stores worldwide and earned high praise from the press.

Now Mimimi has updated this iOS classic with the launch of daWindci Deluxe so that it is even more compelling on the powerful handsets and tablets of today. In daWindci Deluxe, the player paints wind, hurricanes and lightning with the tip of their finger and navigates their balloon through the riddles and obstacles of each level. A world full of magical equipment and incredible inventions is waiting to be explored at a slow and relaxing pace. Through 50 expeditions the player embarks on a search for valuable items and mysterious puzzles. “daWindci Deluxe“ should be enjoyed at the players own speed and is an even better experience with headphones.

“daWindci was very well received, but there were a few rough edges that have kept nagging us for the past couple of years”, explains Johannes Roth, CEO at Mimimi Productions. “With daWindci Deluxe, we listened to the feedback players have given us over the years and think this new iteration substantially improves and enhances the player experience.”

Dominik Abé, Creative Director, managed the development of the upgraded version: “With more powerful hardware we could finally implement the wind as I originally envisaged. It can now be drawn in free forms, almost like using finger paint. It’s much more intuitive than the original and feels absolutely great. Together with the new graphics and other improvements we are offering a more satisfying experience which makes the most of this generation of handsets and tablets capabilities”

In addition Mimimi plans to release Android and Windows Phone versions of daWindci Deluxe on Friday 18th July. There has been high demand for these versions of daWindci as Johannes notes “Soon the ‘ANDROID!!! comments will stop.”

Enhancements of the Deluxe Version
Full Retina support with a re-imagined, colorful and much improved art style
New free-form wind drawing mechanics for a more intuitive and natural experience
All new particle effects, crisper textures and post effect shaders push your devices’ hardware
Rebalanced and enhanced levels

“daWindci Deluxe” is set for worldwide release on July 17th 2014 in App Stores for iPad 2 and above, iPhone 4S and above and iPod Touch (5th generation). http://buy.dawindci.de
Android and Window-Phone versions will follow on 18th July. http://winphone.dawindci.de

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