MADFINGER Games Announces Monzo VR – Digital Model Kits for Virtual Reality

Model making has always been one of the favorite hobbyist pastimes. Detail, form, and painting come together in a beautiful piece of art which always brings satisfaction. We are very proud to introduce Monzo VR, a brand new creative virtual reality experience that supports Oculus Rift and Gear VR platforms.
Virtual Reality is no longer science fiction, today thousands of games and ideas are coming into the virtual space and fans are enjoying a whole new experience. We are combining the Virtual Reality Experience with the joy of making your own models. Monzo VR brings together the strategy of creation with the joys of design and painting to build your own Virtual Models.

For years fans would have to host their own hobby table at home. They would keep their tools and paints all together and work diligently over a lighted desk, but now you can bring your hobby desk with you anywhere you like. We call it the ZEN workshop. ZEN will calm you with some great sounds and music as you put together your models and escape the pressures of everyday work.
The best part about our ZEN interface is we will help you build models with the most detailed parts and tutorials. Once finished you will have access to our paint system and be able to customize your creation even further.
This unique VR experience will cover a vast array of design. There will also be well known cars and motorcycles to try out. Some of these design reach back into history (Da Vinci’s paddle boat, and many more to be come) or push the boundaries of creation in the future.