Majestic Nights Premieres in One Week – Chapter One Revealed

Epiphany Games is proud to report that the debut chapter of Majestic Nights, the action-adventure thriller where every conspiracy theory is true, is now only one week away.

Both ‘Chapter Zero: Sunset After Dark’, the free prologue mini-chapter, and ‘Chapter One: Covert Genesis’, the first full length chapter and introduction to the game’s second protagonist, are set to be released alongside PAX Australia.
The first Video Walkthrough showing Chaper One is now live…

The first information for Chapter One has now been revealed, along with the game’s second protagonist: the private investigator Callie. In this new Video Walkthrough, Majestic Nights writer Daniel McMahon (writer on LA Noire) takes us through the branching dialogue and some of the choices the player will face as a result of their actions.

It’s 1982, and Callie is on the hunt for an unknown operative. After a coy G-Man gives her the job in her downtown Los Angeles office, she finds a clue at his last known location which points her to the infamous night spot: the Whisky-A-Go-Go.
Cryptic clues hint at this wanted man being more dangerous than she had anticipated, and soon Callie arrives at Rand Corp, where she is tasked with infilitrating the building either by smooth-talking or sneaking in. Once there, she convinces the receptionist she’s there for a job interview, and our video walkthrough begins…

Majestic Nights Season One will contain six chapters plus the prologue mini-chapter. Players will assume the role of two protagonists in the most twisted tale of conspiracies and coverups ever to grace a videogame!
It all starts here, with Callie’s investigation into the seedy underbelly of 1980s Los Angeles, as one by one the layers start to peel away…
All Lies on you!

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