Major\Minor – Complete Edition Launches on Steam (Video)

A highly engaging visual novel, with memorable characters and multiple endings. Traverse worlds, solve a murder mystery – and partake in political revolution. Inspired by greats such as Steins;Gate, Tales of Symphonia, Persona 4 and Future Diary. An unforgettable science-fiction/fantasy adventure!

Major\Minor – Complete Edition  launches today on PC, an emotionally driven visual novel that touches on topics such as death, loss, and acceptance. Containing a unique blend of science-fiction and fantasy, the fate of two worlds falls into your hands. Even the smallest of choices could result in the salvation or destruction of everything.

“A wave of murder and suicide has been hitting the country, all under circumstances more than mysterious. You play as one of the “Lucky Two”, winners of a contest who have the honor of touring with an international pop idol. But as you arrive in Tokyo for the launch of this world tour, events quickly escalate. You have no choice but to delve deeper into dangerous territory – all in the name of uncovering the truth of these enigmatic deaths. A truth that involves the dissonant connection to another world; and the inhabitants within who seek salvation. You are The Savior – and it is your job to deliver a brighter future to this world.”

“This is the most beautifully crafted story in almost any game I have ever played.”
Registered Fur

“In terms of storytelling and resolution, think Mass Effect with a better ending.”

“Something that’ll have an emotional impact unlike any other visual novel.”
Cold Blooded Vixen

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