‘Arctic Trucker Simulator’ On STEAM, iOS & Android (Video)

Games simulation specialist UIG Entertainment is proud to announce the worldwide release of Arctic Trucker Simulator now available on PC (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) via STEAM™, iOS® and Android™. Get in your truck, start the engine and transport massive cargos over the snowy planes of the arctic, imitating the most popular ice road trucker in the world, Alex Debogorski.

Arctic Trucker Simulator challenges you to transport machines, wood and bulk solids to their destination using your excellent driving skills, and hopefully a working heater within your truck! Contracts that are more profitable beckon as you play, each allowing you to improve your cash balance, buy new trucks and take on bigger consignments. Take care, though, and watch the road, as accidents and involuntary pit stops cause more damage than simply making your clients unhappy!

·       Five trucks with varying power and traction
·       Career mode with a points multiplier
·       Improve, service and change the look of your truck
·       Dynamic weather system and numerous settings
·       Supports steering wheels and gamepads