Coming Dec. 16: Android version of inkle’s 80 DAYS, plus all new arctic journey added to iOS version

inkle’s 80 Days has a 89% review score average on Metacritic, TIME just named it Game of the Year… and Android users can finally see what all the fuss is about!

When it releases December 16 on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore, 80 Days will include the same celebrated content as the iOS original plus a brand new arctic route that adds ~30,000 words to an already expansive round-the-world adventure. The new content will be simultaneously added to the iOS version as a free update.

About 80 DAYS –
Set in an alternate-history version of Jules Verne’s Victorian era, 80 Days sends players on a real-time race around an ever changing, often surprising steampunk world. Playing as Phileas Fogg’s French valet Passepartout, you must use strategy and cunning to help your employer win a hefty bet. Choose your route, manage your finances, and lose yourself in an epic, branching adventure as you attempt to circumnavigate the globe in only 80 days – or faster! Stylishly illustrated with art deco-inspired graphics and situated on a lush 3D globe, the game plays out beneath a non-stop clock, the sun rising and setting as you explore cities, visit markets, talk to people, tend to Fogg’s well-being, and execute each stage of your epic journey.

Spinning off from Verne’s 1873 novel Around the World in 80 Days, writer Meg Jayanth has crafted a huge, dynamic world out of branching stories that have outcomes determined by the player’s decisions. Just in time for the holidays, the new arctic expedition offers the globe-trotting Fogg and Passepartout an enticing shortcut through the North Pole – but the unforgiving landscape makes for a treacherous course, and players will find that certain choices result in 80 Days’ most unexpected consequences yet.

Since its Summer 2014 release on the App Store, 80 Days has sold nearly 100,000 copies and has been universally praised for its masterful story, immersive interactivity, fully realized world, and diverse cast of characters. Besides landing the #1 slot in TIME’s Top 10 Video Games 2014 list, it’s ranked as one of IGN’s top 25 iPhone and iPad games and was Metacritic’s #1 iOS game during its launch month. Learn more at

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