Today, mobile application development company, Joy Sprouts, Inc. announced the launch of the company’s flagship app: Joy Sprouts [Education – FREE]. Joy Sprouts app was created by educational professionals and its award winning games and activities develop a range of important skills to help your child’s total development. Joy Sprouts features the beloved character Garfield along with world class educational and entertaining content from BBC Worldwide and Oxford University Press to join the pack soon. This is the app that every child needs and is ultimate fun for the entire family.

Joy Sprouts provides a simple and easy way to develop and grow with your little ones. This interactive app includes educating children in five crucial areas including cognition and general knowledge (math, science, and social studies), language and literacy, learning approaches, social and emotional development and physical development and health. With colorful animations and characters, children can learn the ABCs or get fit with Garfield, they can even plan Garfield’s entire day – the learning possibilities are endless!

Joy Sprouts is not just for your adorable bundles of joy, the app includes essential features for both mom and dad too. Joy Sprouts provides parents with concise summary reports detailing a child’s progress, strengths & weaknesses. Joy Sprouts features unique technology including a one-click purchase of the app’s recommended learning module which streams right into the same app, giving a safe environment for parents and children, while all other apps send the user right to the app store. Additionally, the app distributes customizable reports that show your child’s improvement and recommendations from educational experts on additional modules to help your child reach their full potential, with new learning modules added every month for ongoing development.

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About Joy Sprouts, Inc.:

At Joy Sprouts, we believe that every child can achieve their learning success with a balanced approach to learning. We call this approach “Total Development.” The foundation of the Joy Sprouts program has been designed based on the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services’ Head Start Framework. Joy Sprouts offers a delightful solution through educational games and user-centric reports designed by educational experts. With the hand-picked content from BBC Worldwide, Oxford University Press and Garfield, Joy Sprouts’ games are engaging, interactive and are based on a well-founded whole-child development philosophy.

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