Microïds invites gamers to try for free Android version of the first chapter of the adventure game saga “Syberia” and offer them to lead Kate Walker in her amazing journey.

Along with the development of highly expected Syberia 3, French publisher Microïds keeps sharing their all-time masterpiece with the passionate of the genre, no matter their favorite support. This is now Android mobiles and tablets owners’ turn to discover for free the first part of this title designed by the atypical and world famous author Benoit Sokal (Amerzone, Canardo…).

The strength of the series is to deal with human or society themes through a wonderful fanciful universe rocked by snowflakes. With Syberia, through Kate Walker’s adventure, a New York lawyer, players go on an initiatory trip where they wonder about their ability to give up their every-day life to pursue their dream.

The game begins as the heroin arrives in Valadilene, in the heart of the French Alps with the mission to purchase, for her company, an automaton factory whose owner just passed away. Kate quickly discovers that Ana Voralberg had an heir, her younger brother Hans.

To close the deal, she has to find this man who has disappeared for decades for unknown reasons. Through this journey, she will make several encounters that will change her vision of the world for ever and reveal her true personality.

Through this freemium version, players will be able to discover for free Kate Walker’s first steps in Valadilene. The full version can be unlocked with a unique in-app purchase.

“Syberia” is fully dubbed in English and French and subtitled in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. This freemium version is available since November 14, 2014 on Android (Google Play).

The trailer is available here:

” Syberia ” (Android)
Price : Freemium / $6,99 to unlock the full version

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