Microïds, Anuman Interactive’s adventure game label, unveils Dream Chamber on PC, Mac and iPad

Microïds announces “Dream Chamber”, a new adventure and investigation game that will intrigue the players even in their dreams.

“Dream Chamber” is as a third-person point & click adventure game with charming characters and fun dialogues. The objectives range from collecting, combining and using objects to solving numerous puzzle games in a 1930s atmosphere with original graphics and sharp humor.
Charlie, a rich heir, enjoys playing a private detective and tracking the bad guys. But this time, it has become personal! The victim of a jewelry robbery is none other than his own girlfriend. Nothing more is needed for him to put on his raincoat and his hat to track the culprits.

Although he is a non-professional investigator, Charlie has the major advantage of being able to revisit the scenes in his dreams to find clues anchored in his subconscious mind.

Elliot Grassiano, Business Unit VP at Microïds says “”Dream Chamber”’s retro universe and off-the wall tone creates a one-off title in the catalogue already filled with major Microïds adventure games. Charlie should quickly join our fans’ favorite hero club”.

Microïds’ catalogue includes sagas such as Syberia, Dracula, Return to Mysterious Island or The Inquisitor as well as other adventure game hits such as Amerzone or Still Life.

“Dream Chamber” is currently in development on PC, Mac and iPad in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Release is due on October 24, 2013.

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