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Microïds invites the players to take part in an original investigation with ” Dream Chamber ” on Android devices and iPad/iPhone (Universal).

“Dream Chamber” takes the player to the 1930s USA, in the era of legendary private detectives. It is based on an original quirky scenario that fits perfectly with its cartoon appearance and its jazzy soundtrack, ideal to get into the atmosphere of this very particular period in the country’s history.


Charlie Chamber, a rich heir, shares his free time between social obligations and his activities as an inexperienced private detective. He finds himself caught into the investigation of his life, after his girlfriend got robbed for art objects.

The police are already on the case, but for him, this is all about honor: he must catch the thieves. At this point, he doesn’t realize that the events are about to take an unexpected turn, with implications far more important than a simple robbery.

Charlie might be inexperienced, but he has a major advantage: his photographic memory is unique and allows him to revisit in his dreams the places he already went to. This ability will become essential to discover new clues. He can also use those dream phases to share his thoughts with his subconscious that can sometimes give good advice.

Developed by DarkWave Games and Forge Reply , ” Dream Chamber ” is now part of Microïds’ Adventure catalogue (Syberia, Still Life, Dracula, Return to Mystery Island…). In the genre’s finest tradition, the player investigates as a third-person character and uses the touch screen (iPad) to move. A clear and user-friendly interface makes it possible to interact with the environment. The player can activate, study, gather, use and combine objects that are in the scenery but also talk to the various protagonists.

The main dialogues are presented in the form of a tactical mini-game. The players will have to find the most relevant questions and the answers to unravel the defenses of the people they meet.

Several puzzle games (lock picking, torn documents reconstitution…) make up the investigation and will have to be solved in order to progress in the story.

Ten colorful characters or so will give the line to Charlie, allowing him to discover the outcome of the case. ” Dream Chamber ” is always looking for the right word and enjoys using self-mockery. It’s a surprisingly wild plunge into the USA during the Prohibition and the Great Depression periods.

” Dream Chamber ” is entirely dubbed in English with subtitles in French, German, Italian and Spanish. The game is available as of April 10, 2014 on Android and now Universal version (iPad/iPhone) on iOS.

The trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNeTIntCcso

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