Mangatar launches the Smart Publishing Hub with Slybots: Frantic Zone

Officially presented in October 2015, the Mangatar’s project Smart Publishing Hub is out with its first title Slybots: Frantic Zone, a local multiplayer shooter reinvented with stealth mechanics, which is rolling out on 18th January 2016.

The game was developed by Team ERROR, a little indie studio made up of Ciro Continisio, Ennio Pirolo and Joakim Karlberg. Aiming to create a prestigious network, Mangatar identifies the best independent teams in Italy and Europe, deciding to invest in products with great potential.

Andrea Postiglione, CEO of Mangatar, explains the reason for this choice: “I was impressed at first sight by Slybots: even though it was a prototype, it was truly capable of expressing potential. We couldn’t make a better choice for our Smart Publishing Hub début. We’ve worked very closely with Team ERROR to bring this little gem to the gaming public and see it growing in the next months, also as a result of some new features we have in the works.”

Slybots: Frantic Zone was released on Steam as Early Access in July 2015.
Formerly called FATAL ERROR, the game has gone through a polishing phase leading to the official launch with a new name, new features, a new game mode and a specific go-to-market plan with the support of the Hub’s professionals.

Ciro Continisio, designer of Team ERROR, claims: “As many indie developers often find out to their cost, the last stages of game development are not that easy: marketing and launch are crucial steps which, if badly managed, can undermine the success of a title. Mangatar provided us with an excellent support to achieve the product objectives. Now we’re ready for new opportunities.”

Mangatar s.r.l is based in Milan with an R&D lab in Salerno and a marketing office in Pescara. The company structure is made up of four founders, Digital Investmens S.C.A. Sicar and Fi.R.A. (Finanziaria Regionale Abruzzese). Mangatar is a gaming company and publisher, focusing on casual and mid-core games.

The Smart Publishing Hub is a network supporting developers, artists and indie teams to develop casual and mid-core games on mobile, PC and connected TV platforms.

Team ERROR is a team of three born specifically to develop the game Slybots: Frantic Zone (previously called FATAL ERROR). It is made up of designer Ciro Continisio (Tiny Colossus), programmer Ennio Pirolo and composer Joakim Karlberg, working together from three different locations spread around Europe.

Slybots: Frantic Zone:

About This Game
Following a “Fatal Exception Error”, four little all-purpose robots have been considered faulty and have been marked as out-of-order. They get crazy and start fighting for their survival.

Take their control in the frantic zone and leverage 4 unique stealth mechanics to catch your sly foes off-guard. Don’t be afraid to use dirty tricks to win amazing 3-minute matches across different game modes, proving that you don’t belong to the e-waste dump.

Slybots: Frantic Zone is a local multiplayer dual-stick shooter: all players are looking at the same screen, but there are things that only one of them knows…

Master the art of camouflage and enjoy the adrenalin rush of the most frantic zone you’ve ever seen.
Features List
◾Local multiplayer with hectic 3-minute matches

◾Single-player challenges to hone your skills

◾Different game modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Battery, Endless

◾Tight controls for the characters, physics-based mayhem on the environment!

◾4 ingenious camouflaging mechanics, which can be combined

◾Dozens of scenarios tailored for the stealth mechanics

◾Electrifying soundtrack by composer Joakim Karlberg