Independent Developer Choo Parr Productions Launches Whacky and Frantic Game Choo Parr Onto iOS and Android

It’s time for mobile gamers to warm up their digits for frenzied tap and tilt action as independent video game developer Choo Parr Productions today brings its frantic, but easy-to-play mobile game Choo Parr to iOS and Android. In Choo Parr, players build combos and earn points by collecting 30 different falling creatures, including giant squids, orcs and other beings while dodging bombs and other hazardous weapons. With simple tap and tilt controls, Choo Parr begins slowly and quickly accelerates to a furious pace that gets more challenging and addictive the longer players stay alive. Choo Parr is available now as a free download for iOS and Android devices.

A causal 2-D game, Choo Parr has gamers try to best their previous high scores and prove their gaming prowess in order to earn a spot on the game’s worldwide leaderboards. As each play session progresses, more and more creatures and bombs fall from the sky until the screen becomes a frenzied mess of falling hazards and beasts that players must navigate to stay alive. To help achieve high scores, players can put together combos where they collect creatures while avoiding hazards to earn “In a Row” bonuses.

“Mobile games are getting more advanced with longer and more intricate play sessions, which is fantastic, but sometimes people just want a quick, fun fix without a large investment of time,” said Matthew Burns, founder of Choo Parr Productions. “With Choo Parr, we wanted to make a game that was not only entertaining and addictive, but also something that could be played in short sessions without sacrificing fun. We spent serious time working on Choo Parr, and we’re really excited with the way the game turned out and look forward to seeing people’s reactions.”

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