Shark Punch’s tactical heist game, The Masterplan, is now available as an Early Access title for PC/Mac

Set in the early 1970s, The Masterplan features beautiful hand-drawn 2D art and an authentic soundtrack recorded by a real band. The gameplay blends a physics-based world and a clever AI system with a easy to approach “real time with slow motion” user interface.

The Early Access version is fully playable at launch and provides 1.5-2 hours worth of playtime. It features several heist locations, which are sandboxes, so players are encouraged to play through them several times with different tactics to experience various results. The game will receive updates every two weeks.

“We believe the best way to build games is to involve the audience from the earliest possible moment. We get valuable feedback and suggestions, and the players get a chance to be a part of the development team”, says Shark Punch CEO Jiri Kupiainen.

The Masterplan Early Access is available on The Masterplan website (, on Steam ( and on the Humble Store.

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