MatchYS – Android, iOS / tvOS, Amazon and Windows Devices (Video)

CRYsoft Development, Italian-based mobile game developer, proudly announced the release of MatchYS, his brand new game on AppStore, Amazon Store, Google Play and Windows Store. The Android, iOS / tvOS, Amazon and Windows version of MatchYS has been released among Google, Apple, Amazon and Windows respective stores on May 5th 2016.

Pauly’s mom, Loretta, wants everything to be clean and tidy, before she leaves the house, so she entrusted his son the task of keeping in place the toys. Easier said than done! Will be Pauly able to put everything in order before his mother returns?

•Fast, mind grabbing puzzle game. Easy to play, hard to master!
•100 levels of pure fun. Simple, smart but also challenging.
•Unpredictable events. Keep an eye on the bedroom door..
•Incredible original vintage style graphics.
•Kid-friendly concept. Play with your children!
•Educational approach. Learn, teach and play.