Math Facts Mahjong, Educational game for learning math facts

Crave Creative announced the release of Math Facts Mahjong 1.0, their educational game for learning math facts for iOS and android devices.

In this educational and fun-to-play game, you remove all tiles from the board in pairs by selecting a math equation tile with a matching answer tile. Mastering Math Facts Mahjong will require math skills, strategy and a little luck. Only free tiles that are not covered or blocked on the right or left are allowed to be removed. This a great game for kids learning and practicing math facts or for anyone just wanting a new type of Mahjong. This game offers lots of customizing options which keeps it fresh and interesting for kids..


– Addition Facts
– Subtraction Facts
– Multiplication Facts
– Division Facts
– 12 layouts
– 15 background pictures
– 15 tile designs
– Hint and Undo board options
– 6 remove tile effects
– 6 load tile effects

Game Information:
Title: Math Facts Mahjong
Genre: Education, Casual, Family
Platform: iOS, Android: Google Play and Amazon Appstore