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Meerkat Gaming today announced that it has launched a demo of its upcoming VR maze solving game, “Maze Roller”. The demo is now available for PC, via Steam.

Meet Bernard. He enjoys long rolls along the beach and candlelit levels but what he loves most is cheese. Unfortunately, the cruel developers at Meerkat Gaming have placed his favorite treat at the ends of a series of complex mazes and he needs your help to find it.

The Maze Roller demo will include three levels, one for each of the game’s modes:
•Rolling Rat – Use your mind control powers to navigate Bernard the Rat to the cheese. Be sure to watch out for traps because a good rat is a terrible thing to waste!
•Board Tilt – Sometimes Bernard needs a push in the right direction. Take control of the board to tilt and roll his way to cheesy goodness!
•Pinwheel – Rotate this vertical maze and let gravity get Bernard to his flavorful finish!

The full release, scheduled for summer 2016, will include 20+ levels with more free levels to be added in future updates. The game will also feature collectible artwork, trophies and HATS! Why hats? Because hats are AWESOME and a fancy rat-about-town should always look stylish! As collectible items are unlocked through in-game challenges, discovery, and merit, they are displayed in an explorable 3D showroom to admire.

Although it can also be played with keyboard, mouse and monitor, Maze Roller really shines in VR. Designed for Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, Maze Roller’s mazes extend out before the player as they guide Bernard towards each objective while avoiding pitfalls and other obstacles and challenges.