Mech Conquest stomps its way onto the App Store and Google Play

Independent developer Hourblast announced today the launch of its latest mobile title: Mech Conquest (, a unique 3D action-strategy game for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets. The aim of the game is nothing less than ruling the galaxy: players must choose a side, build up their fleet and create an army of fully customizable 3D battle Mechs. Players then recruit the hottest pilots to command their robotic warriors to fight in epic online battles against real opponents, capturing enemy planets and dominating the galaxy for their chosen Faction.

A key part of Mech Conquest is how players purchase and collect hundreds of items – from weapons to pilots and Mech parts. As gamers triumph in battle, they earn currency which they can then use to purchase extra packs of Mech parts. Parts vary in their rarity and can be combined to create powerful weapons and other components that boost the power and destructive capability of players’ Battle Mechs. In addition to building and upgrading their individual Mechs, players also control a fleet of spaceships that are used to mine and gather valuable resources, research new weapons, and discover new technologies in order to build up their formidable robotic army.

Mech Conquest has social playability at its heart, with the Faction battle system, Facebook integration and global leaderboards ensuring that players have hundreds of hours of gameplay in store. The developers will also be adding new content to the game over the coming months on a constant basis to keeps things fresh and exciting for the players.

Key Features:

· Build your Mechs, then watch them fight it out in epic 3D battles across multiple exotic locations.
· Create the ultimate battle Mech from thousands of possible combinations.
· Recruit the hottest pilots with their special bonus abilities to give you the valuable edge in battle
· Expand your mothership and your fleet to transport your armored warriors to the front line and dominate the galactic war – from mining ships and research facilities to crew quarters, hangar bays and more.
· Win battles to earn currency to collect rare and ultra-rare parts that will give you an edge against your opponents.
· Battle online against real opponents and advance the cause of your chosen Faction.
· Receive in-game tokens for every friend you invite, or ask them for help when you’re out of fuel.

Mech Conquest is available for FREE on the Google Play Store and
on the Apple App Store
Facebook at:

A video trailer of the game can be watched at

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