MechoEcho Launches on Steam and GOG (Video)

Build, Drive, Solve, Explore – Addictive gameplay and endless creativity!

Resilient Games has released its atmospheric construction block building / 3D puzzle / robotics simulator game, MechoEcho on Steam and GOG. MechoEcho is available for Windows PCs at US$18.99 less a 10% launch week discount.

Build and drive robots to solve the 3D puzzles in each of the 30 levels and Sandbox. Enter MechoEcho, an ethereal cyberpunk world where all that stands between you and peril is your own ingenuity. Use blocks, engines, and an array of tools to invent and build brilliantly creative machines. Pilot them to overcome obstacles as you search for the ultimate solution that can save you and all of humanity!

What’s it like?
Think Besiege meets Another World. Build machines with construction blocks in an ethereal environment where each level is a 3D puzzle to solve. You can choose what to build and every player will create different inventions, but the robot/machine you devise must decipher the challenge of the particular level. Or unleash your ingenuity and inner engineer in the Sandbox where unlimited blocks of every type allow you to concoct outrageously inventive creations.

What makes MechoEcho different?
It’s a machine construction block game, but the focus is on puzzle solving rather than destruction or racing. The humanoid characters are rendered using a real-time particle fluid simulation rather than traditional 3D models. A lot of work went into making sure that the physics are reliable and nearly deterministic. Finally, it’s a unique mix of art deco and cyberpunk styles with cool volumetric lights resulting in a haunting but gorgeous atmosphere.

What are the characters like?
You play as Echo, a manifestation of the person who programmed the virtual world of Mecho. She also designed AL, Mecho’s keeper, who is now her nemesis. Awakening to see the changes AL has wrought, she realizes that her own actions have come back to haunt her. Transform from humanoid to the heart of a machine and back as you strive to survive and rectify the mistakes of your past. Meet helpful humanoids and avoid the beings with blasters out to destroy you. As the story unfolds, you may be torn between the competing sides. Ultimately you will have to choose – and your choice will decide the fate of humanity.

Key Features:
· Build, Drive, and Solve the Puzzles – Build machines to overcome any obstacle in your way, and pilot them to safety as you solve the 3D puzzles in each of 30 levels.
•Endlessly Creative – There’s no one solution to any problem, you can construct machines within machines, catapults, walkers, climbing robots or anything you can imagine.
•The Challenges Keep on Coming – Blocks may be in limited supply to further test your ingenuity. Or, go crazy with unlimited blocks in the Sandbox mode. Oh right, and creatures are trying to kill you.
•Highly Accurate Physics Engine – Your machine moves the way you design it to move. It’s up to you to drive it.
•Mesmerizing Atmosphere – Lose yourself in the haunting electronic music, stunning art deco visuals with looming spires of art deco buildings breaking the horizon, enigmatic characters, and compelling storyline.
•Addictive Gameplay – Tested on actual humans who would not stop until they solved each level … and they didn’t want the game to end!