Watch this brand new trailer and get to know the five eccentric Champions who want to free the magical lands of Anteria from a nasty horde of enemy factions. Vargus, Brother Anslem, Nusala, Oona and Baltasar are impatient to put their combat skills and magical abilities to the test.

In an unfortunate series of events, a bloodthirsty horde of enemies decides to make Anteria their home sweet home, enslaving its people and plotting deeds more evil than you can imagine. This epic tactical real-time strategy extravaganza invites you to unleash the powers of five Champions to defeat the enemy, reclaim the kingdom, and make it back home in time for dinner. Champions of Anteria will be available digitally for Windows PC on August 30, 2016.

Fans awaiting the Champions’ arrival can pre-order now to receive an exclusive Weapons Starter Pack including one weapon for Vargus, Brother Anslem and Nusala. Players will get to choose between two different editions:

Standard Edition – Choose your Champions, infiltrate the enemy territories and free the enslaved people of Anteria using the elemental powers of fire, water, nature, lightening and metal. Use active pause mode to change your tactics on the fly and deliver punishments strong enough to make a grown monster cry.

Gold Edition – Includes the Standard edition plus Season Pass content and the original soundtrack of the game in digital format. Players also get access to three Dungeon DLCs revealing rich background stories about the characters encountered in the game.
By completing these new campaigns, players will get exclusive rewards including:
– Two additional Champions
– One special building that will grant unique items

Season Pass is also available separately.