Merge Town! on Android

Gram Games announces the release of Merge Town! on Android. The launch further cements the expansion of the company’s Merge! franchise. The IP, distinguished by its simple, addictive Merge! mechanic, was established following the release of their stand out mobile hit, Merge Dragons!, earlier this summer. Merged! was the first game to adopt the Merge! Mechanic – released in January 2016.

The concept of Merge Town! is simple, yet promises hours of addictive entertainment. Players are given a plot of land, and it’s their job to develop it into a town. In order to build houses, players must tap on the build box at the bottom of the screen, until a building appears on the board. Homes of all varieties can also be purchased from the app store using in-game currency, which is earned from houses already built on the land. Once multiple houses have been built on the board, they can be Merged with others of the same variety to form larger, more impressive homes.

The bigger the home, the more in-game currency players will earn. And the more a town develops, the more land it will unlock, granting players the space to build more houses. From level eight, players are able to unlock and expand into new towns, building formidable metropolises.