Mint Tin Pirates for Android now Available!

SlideWave, LLC has announced the availability of its first game “Mint Tin Pirates” for Android phones and tablets on Google Play.

The game starts when two pirate galleons cross paths and a battle is launched! Choose your color and remember that rough seas mean that a little luck goes a long way.

Roll the dice and try your luck at capturing the perfect pair to sink your opponent’s ship or their crew. Cannon cards do the greatest damage, but cannons take long to load and you’ll be able to complete more attacks by tossing hand mortars, throwing dirks, or firing flintlock pistols.

Summon a lost pirate from the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker or even persuade an enemy pirate to join your crew! Roll doubles in the heat of battle and fate will smile down upon this lowly lot and uncover treasure! No pirate can resist treasure – especially if it contains voodoo that helps them fight!

Once you destroy the pirate enemy, you’ve won! Or have you? The Pirate Ghost gives one last chance and can be a formidable opponent!

SlideWave, LLC is an independent developer of mobile games, and we think you’ll love our first release. Check out more at

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