Hop, skip and…jump! Jump the Rope leaps onto Android and iOS

Kalypso Media is excited to announce that it is teaming up with Hamburg-based indie developer Tiny Roar to publish the studio’s first game ‘Jump the Rope’ on Android, with an iOS version to follow in August. Both parties plan to publish one more title later in the year, with details to follow at a later date.

Marcus Behrens, Publishing Director of Kalypso Media Mobile said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Tiny Roar and further expand our portfolio with more fresh and entertaining titles. Jump the Rope is only the beginning of a strategic partnership. In addition, we are delighted to be supporting a young and dynamic studio in Hamburg with our publishing expertise.”

Maurice Hagelstein, co-founder and game designer of Tiny Roar said: “Kalypso Media has a great reputation as a publisher, and it’s a great honour for us to establish this partnership in the mobile market. An approach based on equal footing is essential in today’s industry and we have been particularly impressed with even our early dialogues. With Kalypso, I am confident that Tiny Roar’s vision of producing entertaining products that are accessible to everyone is a stronger prospect than ever before.”

About Jump the Rope

Jump the Rope is a game all about intense high scoring battles with your friends. If you thought rope skipping was child´s play, then think again – Jump the Rope will test your reflexes, skill and stamina to the very limit. If you are good enough you will be able to customize your character ‘Jumpy’ with weird and awesome outfits that will to be sure to show your friends who is the Master of Jumps. And the best thing is: it’s free!

Features of Jump the Rope:
•Free to play
•Heated High Score Hustle for arcade rookies and veterans alike
•Share your High Scores with friends
•Countless unlockable outfits to customize the main character, ‘Jumpy’
•Many Achievements will test your skills to the limit – crack them all!

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