Kitty Jump: free cute jumper for Android from Sparkle Mobiles (2200)

The runaway success of Doodle Jump has led to the creation of a new game genre named “Jumpers” for smart phones and tablets, with a dedicated follower and developer base.

Today we’d like to invite you all to collect sausages and soar ever higher and higher with “Kitty Jump”, the new free-to-play jumper from game developers Sparkle Mobiles.

Kitty Jump has global attention due to the quality of the game’s development approach as opposed to the complexity of the game itself. This jumper features simple but very colorful cartoon design that appeals to children and amateur of juicy design games.

The game sets a new benchmark in terms of what is means to be good jumper. Managing Kitty Jump is childs-play, tilt your phone left and right to move cuteKitty the kitten, jump on platforms, collect sausages, evade monsters, use accelerators that rise above and gain points. Players can also move off screen to the other side to add a new dimension to the jumper style challenge.

· Platforms types have different behavior characteristics: wooden is constant, ice platform melts from the second jump and stone crumbles from one jump.
· CuteKitty has to also avoid interfering creatures and wildlife: flying bees, platform spiders and spikey cacti. Discover and find shields and bonus jumps to receive bonus points too.
· Different boosters help CuteKitty’s assent : double jump trampolines, jump missiles and balloons help increase the speed and distance CuteKitty will climb.

The essence of the game – to climb above all players and to collect the most points. At the end of the game you can see the leadership of all players and determine you place.

Enjoy CuteKitty’s changing animation throughout the game given different activities, making the whole experience feel more like a cartoon than a game! Compared to other available jumpers, Kitty Jump will bring enjoyment to all players, children and especially cat lovers through is simple premise, challenging gameplay and beautiful animation!

Download game here:

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