Tricky Twists is the first release from Mobile Mesh Games.

Mobile Mesh Games, a mobile game startup from Whitewater, WI has released their first mobile title, Tricky Twists. It is available on iOS and Android devices for free.

Tricky Twists is the first release from Mobile Mesh Games. It’s a local multiplayer game that focuses on a simple body-twisting mechanic. With an unlimited amount of players, groups of people can download and play at parties, birthdays, or anywhere that a group of people can get together. The game is cross-platform; it is unique in that it is an offline multiplayer game that uses multiple devices to create the game.

This release is the first in Mobile Mesh Games’ Live Multiplayer Social Games category. These games aim at bringing back the social aspect of games to create a fun atmosphere reminiscent of family game night. The only requirement of these games are multiple people in the same room, and (in the case of Tricky Twists) at least three phones and players.

Feedback and ratings on Tricky Twists are already rolling in, and the company is very excited to start seeing what people think of the game. Everyone on the team is eager to hear from players, and they encourage those who enjoy the game to share photos of their twists on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #TrickyTwists.

Tricky Twists is free to download for both iOS and Android devices.

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