Play Eternal Announces Release of New Mobile Game: ALPHA STAR

Play Eternal is proud to announce the release of its newest title, Alpha Star, for Android and iOS devices.

Enemy ships have invaded the surrounding star systems and you have been recruited to pilot Earth’s premier star fighter, the Alpha Star. There’s no time to waste! Grab the controls, use the multi-axis motion action of your mobile device (accelerometer), and pilot the Alpha Star, on its ongoing mission to defeat the enemy squadrons plaguing the galaxy. You must rely on your wits and piloting skills to survive by either evading or destroying all incoming asteroids and enemies before you’re shot or smashed to bits in this endless top-down shooter.

Collect power-ups to access the Alpha Star’s various weapons to aid you in your mission. Standard weapons include lasers with differing configurations and shields powerful enough to deflect any attack. You may find some nukes to help you along the way, but you might want to save them for when you find yourself in a dire situation. You can earn all the ranking medals by continually achieving higher scores.

Are you “alpha” enough to become the ace of Alpha Star?

Alpha Star features:
· Fun and immersive multi-axis motion-based (accelerometer) controls for steering your ship
· Challenging, fast paced, endless game play
· Cool retro inspired visuals that really put you in the seat of the ship
· Exciting music, VO and audio effects that will keep you hooked
· Global high score leader boards via Google Play Game Services
· Twitter integration to tweet your achievements and high scores to your friends
· 100% ad free and in-app purchase free for a seamless and unobtrusive mobile gaming experience

Alpha Star is currently available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.


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