mmmm…Plants vs. Zombies Pinball Brings the Battle to Xbox One

Zen Studios and PopCap Games are excited to announce that their pinball collaboration, Plants vs. Zombies™ pinball, hits Xbox One today! The release of the fan favorite table on Xbox One will bring the eternal struggle between undead masses and floral forces to a new legion of Xbox fans. Additionally, Pinball FX2 fans who own the table previously on Xbox 360 will be able to import it to Xbox One free of charge.

Sewn together from the meaty bits of PopCap’s hit franchise, Plants vs. Zombies Pinball brings the zombie invasion to the pinball playfield. Grow your plants, collect sunlight, plan your defenses, and turn back the zombie invasion armed with your guile and horticultural knowledge!

Plants vs. Zombies pinball is now available on Xbox One for $2.99/€2,99/£2.49.

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