Moad Racing on iOS and Android

Moad Racing is a driving game that combines nostalgia, a plethora of options and low poly graphics.

Get behind the wheel of authentic cinema and TV motor legends, compete against AI or other users in Battle mode, unlock new vehicles, take part in four different tournaments and even downsize vehicles to participate in toy car races. Moad Racing is available for both iOS and Android.

Drive more than 15 vehicles with a most recognizable nostalgic look through 16 different circuits. Compete in more than 10 different challenges and take on AI or other players in battle mode.

Accelerate and drift through low-poly urban circuits with traffic, and face rivals from anywhere in the world through Moad Racing online options.

Main features:
  • RACE MODE: Race against 5 cars controlled by the AI in grand prix. Get first to Gold and unlock new automobiles like a suv, tractors, chariots, a minivan or third with bronze and unlock a new racetrack, new wheels, new trials or racing hill climb. Use the elevator car to repair your amazing vehicle.
  • PHYSICS: Accelerate fast and sprint. Take curves at high speed while drifting. You just have to release the accelerator button to brake quickly.
  • TRIALS: Enjoy up to 16 different trials in a grand prix.
  • Run at full speed through the desert, rallycross. skid between the cherry trees of Japan and the Torii gates, overtake your rivals in the middle of a mysterious forest, or reach the finish line first in a stadium circuit.
  • Become small and drive in the middle of a room full of gigantic toys, or in the yard and make your way between the stones and the grass, or go into the ants tunnels for crazy and challenging races.

Moad Racing is available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone as well as the Google Play Store for Android.