Mobile RPG Title ‘Eldrian Legacy’ for iOS and Android (Video)

Joycity announced that their new RPG title, Eldrian Legacy is released today both on App Store and Google Play.

‘Eldrian Legacy’ is a mobile RPG game featuring high quality graphic and strategical party play. Numerous unique champions attract players who want to raise their own character with magnificent looks. And player can also create a party for battles and enjoy strategical party play using champion’s elements.

In celebration of the official launch, Eldrian Legacy is holding various events to give out awesome rewards. Players can get characters such as ‘Dambi’ and ‘Delkana’, and also can get valuable cash items by participating in these events. Celebration events will continue for a week.

The game is available on App Store and Google Play.

•Welcome Event: Receive a healer ‘Dambi’ by completing certain quest
•Launch Event: Draw 10times in a row with Premium Summon Stone and get 2100 Soul Stones
•Adventure Event: Receive various rewards everytime you reach specific goal
•Summoning Altar Event: Receive ‘Delkana’ character by summoning in Summoning Altar
•Receive Pre-register Event rewards(600 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, and 50 Energy)
•Collection of Unique, High-Quality Champions!◦37 unique units with flashy skills ready to meet you

•Unique Champions with 6 Different Elements! Form a Strategic Party!◦Create a party that suits each content by learning the relationships between the elements!

•No Time to be Bored! Full of Exciting & Dynamic Contents!◦Endless Contents such as ,, and are waiting for you

•No Such Thing as Failure! Experience your Champions Get Stronger with Exciting Contents!◦Training system where you can evolve units by gathering Soul Stone! Enjoy the adventure as your Champions become stronger.