Brave Diggers, new iOS/Android title launching globally (Video)

Global games publisher R2Games has just unveiled the latest addition to their mobile library: Brave Diggers

Brave Diggers is not a simple game to define. This brand new title sets itself apart with elements from classic RPGs, idle progress games, and classical era retro games, resulting in a fresh and unique experience expertly tailored to the mobile market.

The focus of the game is to explore a vast fantasy world whilst collecting gear, companions, treasures, EXP, and other unique items along the way. Each stage has particular challenges and enemies that must be defeated in order to progress. At any time, players can mine for resources that will allow them to improve their characters and gear, so combat is not the only way to progress. Additionally, Brave Diggers has parody references and jokes about all kinds of pop-culture and manga characters in spades. Though the game rewards active participation, players are given the liberty to play at their own pace, yet not fall behind. This is due to characters constantly gaining EXP and gold, even when the device is off.

Brave Diggers will be available for download for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on June 30th, 2016.