Indie Platformer Mekazoo Launching Closed Beta on Steam – Sign-Up Now! (Video)

The Good Mood Creators have announced that Mekazoo will be going into closed beta on Steam, starting Friday, July 1, and has opened sign-ups. The dynamic 2.5D platformer features a colourful cast of kinetically diverse ‘“Mekanimals” that will take gamers on a nostalgic, neon-infused trip through dangerous jungles and breath taking landscapes. With more than 30 levels of gameplay, a uniquely entertaining co-op multiplayer mode, and special unlockable challenge levels, Mekazoo delivers a highly replayable experience with top-notch visuals.

The beta test will launch on Steam, and all active participants will receive the full game upon release. Interested parties are invited to sign up for beta access on the Good Mood Creators website Mekazoo will be launching later this summer on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Wii U version will be released soon after that.

Inspired by classic 2D platformers that dominated the 16-bit era, Mekazoo’s original soundtrack is a jazzy, electronic tribute to the groovy gaming scores of the mid-90s. Also featuring more than five playable Mekanimals, fluid level design and a beautiful aesthetic, Mekazoo will have players seamlessly traversing diverse worlds with its creative and unique gameplay for hours on end.