Videogame-Crossover-Platformer Team Indie Available on Steam Now!

A wide selection of indie game characters teams up in Brightside Games’ latest title Team Indie. Play co-op with your previous runs and bend time to master puzzles and action sequences!

Team Indie is now available for PC and Mac on Steam and 10% off for a limited time!

Video game heroes like Commander Video from Runner and Clunk of Awesomenauts fame join forces! With their combined skills they cooperatively help Marvin the cat to jump ‘n run through the video game world.

“It all started with the idea to make a 2D platformer that brings in some gameplay elements of our own game Zeit2 by allowing a single player to co-op play with his own prior play.” explains Thomas Bedenk, Creative Director at Brightside Games. After the initial gameplay prototyping it was time to set a theme for the game. When Brightside Games met other indie developers like Rami from Vlambeer at game festivals the idea sparked to include their characters into the game. Thomas goes on: “We wanted to create a game where different indie characters aren’t just a gimmick, but come together with an integrated gameplay experience.” The reactions were overwhelmingly positive and thus the path for Team Indie was laid out.

Watch the Team Indie – Trailer and get the game now on or

•Play 10 different indie characters with their unique skills!
•Merging action 2D platforming with interesting puzzles in a beautiful world!
•Cooperate with your own prior playthroughs by manipulating time!
•Over 50 levels and 3 boss fights!

Team Indie Characters:
•CommanderVideo aus BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend von Rhythm Alien by Choice Provisions (former Gaijin Games)
•Clunk aus Awesomenauts von Ronimo Games
•Super Crate Box guy aus Super Crate Box von Vlambeer
•“Black Fluff Ball” aus Badland von Frogmind
•Tiny aus Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers von Black Pants Studio
•Mi aus Knytt Underground von Nifflas’ Games
•J. Jitters aus The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic von Kunststoff
•Dustgirl aus Dustforce von Hitbox Team
•Tim aus Braid von Number None
•Marvin the cat aus Team Indie von Brightside Games

Pricing and Availability:
Team Indie is regularly priced at $12.99 USD (or 12.99 Euro) and is available worldwide on Steam, Greenmangaming and Humble Store launching today, October 9th with a 10% price reduction for a limited time.

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