Three More Screenshots from I Can’t Escape: Darkness

New screenshots are available for I Can’t Escape: Darkness™ – now accepting votes on Steam Greenlight and available for purchase later this month on PC, Mac and Linux.

Fancy Fish Games posted the shots on the official Twitter page for I Can’t Escape: Darkness™ – located at – and will provide screenshots there periodically. The shots highlight more of the procedurally generated locales inside the living dungeon of the atmospheric horror game.

The full release of I Can’t Escape: Darkness™ will be available in January 2015, but Fancy Fish Games intends to offer a playable early access version in October – in time for Halloween. Curious fans can find the original 2013 one month game jam “I Can’t Escape” on free-to-play sites such as Newgrounds, or directly here:

“One screenshot – where the brazier-lit spiderwebs are in the foreground and the sunlit exit is in the background – was something I hadn’t seen before,” says Fancy Fish Games Founder David Maletz. He adds, “We’ve been testing and debugging I Can’t Escape: Darkness™ for a while, but the procedurally generated dungeon still surprises us.”

The Steam Greenlight page for I Can’t Escape: Darkness™ can be found at:

Teaser Trailer:


Official Twitter:

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