New mobile TCG game Card Lords for your toilet time released!

Card Lords is yet another trading card game (TCG) where you build and evolve your deck of cards. With dozens of cards to collect and quick but rewarding pick up/put down gameplay mechanics it has a great replayability to fill any boring moment you might have.

“If you want to fill those empty moments on toilet or waiting on bus with strategically rewarding gameplay while making step-by-step progress, this game is definitely for you”, commented Martin Halamicek, founder of the company, when asked about the targeted audience.

Game features:
•Simple to learn TCG gameplay with an addicting strategy
•Dozens of cards with various qualities and abilities
•6 different card qualities Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical to build your deck from, because why not
•Fast pick up/put down TCG game mechanics. No need to spend hours to enjoy all features
•Gradual progress through the game with many things to undertake

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