Draisey Game Studio Announces Rabbit Run for PS4

Draisey Game Studio has announced its debut game, “Rabbit Run”, for PlayStation 4.

Speed through valleys, dive under fallen trees, and leap off towering waterfalls using your quick, rabbit reflexes to navigate the most treacherous depths of the forest. Set in a dense mountain forest, you assume the role of Girl Rabbit who’s boyfriend, Boy Rabbit, was captured to be sold in the city at Pets 4 Us.

Girl Rabbit’s goal is to catch up to the Pets 4 Us employee and free Boy Rabbit from his van, as well as stay ahead of the wolves that have caught wind of their trail. Players will need to master the game’s unique platformer/racing mechanics to navigate the tight turns and hidden shortcuts of the forest, as well as defeat any enemies that stand in their way.

Rabbit Run is a roller coaster of a game, rewarding lightning quick reflexes and plays like a mix of Sonic Adventure and Mario Kart. While a platformer at heart, its true fun comes from its racing mechanics. The environments have tracks and borders indicated by dirt in the center, small pebbles and grass acting as bumpers on the edges of the track while thick bushes and large rocks acting as the barriers.

You can jump over, dive under, and even dodge oncoming obstacles. But the numerous track corners require taking a proper racing line and power sliding through turns at high speed. And what we’ve done is invented cool ways to blend the platforming and racing genres in order to make Rabbit Run unique, challenging and lot of fun to play.
Our Kickstarter campaign launched Saturday, April 11th with a 30 day campaign length and funding goal of $1.6 million. Estimated release window for Rabbit Run is December 2016. The game will be available for digital download on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 4.

Draisey Game Studio is an up and coming developer that believes in pushing the status quo and forging innovative new game genres. Here are quotes from the team regarding the game.
Cori Hatlestad – Concept Artist
“Though the game’s classic mechanics are what drew me in, what interested me the most was the task of creating animal characters with very human emotions and responses. My ambition is to give players a sense of nostalgia while simultaneously enjoying a new spin on some classic concepts.”

John Draisey – Director, Creator
“I grew up on classic platformer games and wanted to bring back that sense of nostalgic fun that kids and their families could enjoy together. Most games nowadays feel dark, gritty, and overly serious. So I think this is the perfect time to create an emotionally gripping, fast paced adventure starring the cutest animal on earth.”

Robert Michael Lorenzo – Programmer
“Bringing a bunch of different game mechanics into a young, energetic and friendly game that could be played by youngsters and adults alike was a refreshing change of pace in the gaming community. I was excited to take some of the elements that I’ve loved from RPGs and racing games and put them into a game that I helped create.”


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