Mowy Lawn, Advanced Lawnmower Simulator on iOS

Available on the App Store, armchair horticulturists everywhere can put their green thumbs to work and shape up their lawn-care mow-how with Mowy Lawn.

Mowy Lawn has prepared the following top tips to help shape and scape your lawn into submission:

  1. Keep your lawnmower serviced frequently, and upgrade when possible.
  2. Your lawn deserves the best 2018 models, such as the BatMOWbile or MOWrio.
  3. Avoid sheep.
  4. For that perfect sharp cut, turn right… and right… and right again. Oh, and right again.
  5. Mow enough grass, and you’ll collect coins. Collect enough coins, and you can fuel up for the next mow. Mow enough grass…
  6. Leave no blade of grass behind.

Due to its new AR capabilities, Mowy Lawn ensures that gardens can be kept trim any time and from anywhere. A simple tap on the screen allows for lawns to be found right in front of you – so no matter your location, whether it’s shine or snow, you’ll know it’s time to mow.

Budding gardeners can gets their gloves on Mowy Lawn at the App Store.