Oir, first procedural music video game for iOS

Oir is the first procedural music video game for iOS, a freemium release available worldwide in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Oir is a rhythmic game of memory, skill and precision. Players learn while following the beat of music. Fun and educational alike, Oir can be defined as “Simon on steroids”. Gameplay is similar to Simon Classic, full of colors and sounds, but in Oir the real protagonist is the music. It’s the first generative music-game for iOS!

Oir features full swing musical gameplay with more than 40 levels, unlockable instruments (electric guitar, synth, trumpet and more), and powerups to take advantage of most difficult levels. Oir is for all types of players thanks to its gentle difficulty curve. And it will be especially enjoyed by those who love electronic music.

After a successful soft-launch in Finland, Oir is now available worldwide in the App Store.


  • More than 40 levels to play a dozen instruments.
  • An electro party to carry everywhere: immersive gameplay, better with headphones
  • Adaptative BPM: Feel the beat of electronic music!
  • Unlockable instruments: Electric guitar, Harp, Synth, Trumpet, Piano Rhodes and many more.