Scary Humans, procedural survival title (Video)

Scary Humans is a procedural survival game that will challenge your nerves and skills. Greenlit by the Steam community in less than a month. Prove yourself to be calm and help the little harmless alien escape from their captors. All this through a series of levels, which will get harder and harder as you level up.

Scary Humans throw ourselves back to the classic 80s games: crazy hard levels that will take you to where you started if you fail. Will you be able to accept the challenge of getting, not only through the first one but through all 6 different levels and make it to the end? The higher the level you are in, the harder it will get. We are not responsible for the tons of hours you will be spending on overcoming the game’s challenges!

Meet Mrgrt, a little alien coming from Flrws planet (vocals don’t exist there). On a routine expedition with his crew, he had been captured and isolated in a cryogenic vessel. The alien has become a lab rat for scary, shifty humans! But one day, a Friday 13th virus attack opened the vessel and the alien escaped. The alarms were triggered, the humans started chasing the alien and now he has to find a way out.
Will you be able to help him?

Game Mechanics
Get away from all those scary uniformed humans through a series of rooms. It gets scarier every time! But in the meantime, you will have to dodge all pursuers and pick up every card the humans drop while chasing you. These which will help you open the doors in each room, until you get to the final room that leads you to freedom, where friends are waiting on their UFO to get away from Earth.

Each room will have 4 doors. In order to get a door opened and to get away, 2 cards of one color each will be needed. There will be 4 different card colors that will open one -or several- doors by using 2, but only if these 2 cards do not share the same color. In the meantime, humans will tirelessly show up in the room and will try to catch you, so you will have to be fast and find a way to run away from them! Once you get to the final room, you will see an exit door that requires 4 keys —for a different color each— to get it open. Do you have enough colored keys for you to be free?

Play it now and challenge yourself with this fun and addictive game.

•   High difficulty levels. Once you fail, you will go back to were you started.
•   Awaken all your senses to be 100% alert on the game and escape!
•   Three kinds of humans: runners, chubbies and regulars, all dressed in their isolator suits.
•   Six challenging but addictive levels with increased difficulty.
•   2 boosters to get rid of the humans who run after you.
•   Easy game tutorial to show you how to play.
•   Tons of hours of fun and horror!

Technical features
•    A procedural algorithm generated in every new game and level. You will run away through a completely new labyrinth each time you play. Thanks to its powerful motor, the exit won’t ever appear in the same place. The same happens with the elements arranged in the rooms. Every game will be a new experience!
•    This MIC does not respect the Laws of Physics, as rooms are connected in capricious ways to confuse you on your adventure.
•    The humans’ intelligence will increasingly progress. At first, they will find it harder to turn themselves towards you, chase you, and some will get tired more quickly —their race will be shorter and they will appear less often—. But as soon as you level up, this will change: humans will become more dangerous and effective to get to their target (you!). Don’t be too confident, as they may be waiting for you to go back to the room you once ran away from.