Milestone s.r.l., the largest Italian enterprise devoted to the development of videogames for console and PC, also world leader in the development of motorbike video games, is happy to announce the launch of multiplayer mode for MyRIDE Challenge on iOS.

With the new multiplayer mode you can now race against players worldwide but more importantly challenge your own Facebook friends. For each friend who accepts your challenge, you will unlock a reward that you can immediately use to upgrade your deck of cards. When accessing multiplayer mode Victory Points are also activated: by beating other players you will gain greater rewards but –be careful – you will also fall back by losing. Another new entry is the world leaderboard. How to reach the top of the board? Simple! You must put your deck together carefully and choose the 5 best cards to use against your opponents. Win after win you will be able to climb the score categories, progressing from amateur level to legend.

Since the release of MyRIDE Challenge on September 25th 2015, the app has had various updates: the most important being the addition of 6 new Yamaha motorcycles for a total of 18 new bike cards that have been added to the collection. These also include some past glories as well as the most exclusive bikes built in 2015 by the company with the three-tuning-forks logo:

· Yamaha YZF R7 1998
· Yamaha YZF R1 1998
· Yamaha YZF R1 2002
· Yamaha R1 2015
· Yamaha R1M 2015
· Yamaha R6 2015

My RIDE Challenge has been developed together with the Italian-Australian Broken Arms Games Pty Ltd TM and is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 7.1 or higher) as well as Android (smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 or higher). Not available in Japan or China.

MyRIDE Challenge offers new strategic choices for motorcycle fans who are on the lookout for an on-the-move portable gaming experience.

Different card types can be found in MyRIDE Challenge which offers a rich and varied gameplay.
· Bike Card: each card represents a particular bike. There are over 300 cards to collect, mostly related to the main motorbike manufacturers (Aprilia, Bimota, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, MV Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha). The bikes are divided into 3 classes: Sport, Naked and Retro and each have 5 specs – Top Speed, Acceleration, Grip, Handling and Style – and can be categorized into 4 groups according to how rare they are: Common, Not common, Rare, Ultra Rare. Depending on how rare the card is, it can reach a higher maximum level. Also, merging two bike cards of the same kind, you get a special version of the same card (Foil version).
· Spares Cards: Special cards that enable the player to customize his\her cards that have a Custom Slot. The player can in fact increase the performance of these bike cards by mounting new tires, exhaust kits, control units, quick shifters, etc.
· XP Cards: XP Cards provide the Bike Cards with experience points and can only be used during the upgrading phase of leveling up. These type of cards can be won in events or bought through in-app purchases.

In Single Player mode you can take on a series of games for each track and location on the Console and PC version of RIDE – for a total of 15 arenas. Each game is made up of 4 turns where one or two specs of the player’s Bike Card are compared with the opponent’s Bike Card. Whoever wins most turns is the winner. Once the game is over, prizes are collected based on the results: experience points and (virtual) credits useful for customizing and upgrading Bike Cards.

With the Multiplayer mode, all these features are transferred online: you can invite your Facebook friends to play MyRIDE Challenge and challenge them in a card battle. When a friend accepts the invitation, a reward will be unlocked which you can immediately use to upgrade your deck of cards. Victory Points determine your success in multiplayer mode, which accumulate by winning and decrease when losing. A dedicated leaderboard shows your position on the world ranking as well as your friends.

Card management is the heart of the game. Here players will need to make strategic decisions and carefully plan their tactics.

· Manage your deck: here players can choose 5 Bike Cards from their deck to use in the following match.
· Update your cards: in this section players can merge cards together (that is, discarding unused cards to enhance the others), and use the XP Cards (that is, increase XP points of a given card). Should there be two identical cards an option will appear to let you merge them and create a special “Foil” bike card.
· Upgrade Your Cards: here players can equip spare parts to their Bike Cards such as new tires, exhaust kits, control units, quick shifters in order to increase performance. Here it is also possible to repair spare parts or sell the unused ones.
· Collection: players can enjoy studying their entire card collection, read the bio of each manufacturer and find out interesting facts about each motorcycle model.
· Settings: here players can adjust the volume and read the game credits.

The MyRIDE Challenge shop allows players to purchase items with virtual currency or real money:
· Variety Pack: Each pack grants you a Gear Card or an XP Card.
· Bike Packs: three options containing 1, 10 or 25 Bike Cards. A daily offer awaits players with special discounts. Moreover, timed special offers allow players to buy Bike Cards of a specific manufacturer.
· Coins: here players can purchase virtual coins to be used in the game.