PETRI: the first local mass multiplayer game is now available on Apple TV

Ibidex is proud to announce the release of Petri for AppleTV, a local multiplayer game using smartphones as controllers. Petri is available to play with up to 22 players, making it the first mass multiplayer game for the new Apple TV. Using Ibidex’s unique multiplayer technology, players use the free universal Ibidex controller app (iOS or Android) to join the game. The new Apple Remote is also used as a game controller.

Following its successful release on OS X, becoming the number 1 game in the Mac App Store in Japan earlier this year, Petri is one of the first games available on the new 4th generation Apple TV.

In an exciting battle of survival, pit unique microbe characters against friends and game-controlled zombies. Shoot opponents, shrink them down to size, and gobble them up before they get you!

Ibidex’s innovative technology allows players to turn their smartphones into a game controller for Petri using a free app.

“Apple TV and Petri form the perfect partnership for entertaining friends and family in your living room,” says Steve Olesansky, CEO of Ibidex. “Ibidex multiplayer technology uses your own device to draw everyone in the room into an inclusive and shared experience.”

System Requirements:
4th Generation Apple TV

Pricing and Availability:
Available worldwide on AppleTV in the Games category, priced at USD $1.99 / GBP 1.49. The Ibidex controller app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.