Neon Chrome To Breathe New Life Into Twin-Stick Roguelites on PS4 On May 31st (Video)

Cyberpunk themed twin-stick top-down shooter Neon Chrome will launch on PS4 on May 31st 2016. Unlike in many other roguelites, Neon Chrome features persistent character upgrades and unlocks. In addition to their skill, the players become more powerful by spending found credits between deaths. The game is also highly replayable due to procedurally generated levels. Intense boss fights complete the experience.

In Neon Chrome the player can blast through walls and enemies with guns and cybernetic abilities. “Nearly completely destructible environment is something that isn’t found in many games. In Neon Chrome the destructible environment is a part of gameplay as enemies can be surprised by attacking them through walls.”, commented Sampo Töyssy from 10tons.

The game also features roles which serve alternate play styles. “The stealthy Assassin and the tanky Corporate Soldier require different playstyles, so there’s room for experimentation.”, Sampo Töyssy continues. In addition to persistent stat upgrades and unlocks the player can install cybernetic enhancements in order become powerful enough to finally stop the Overseer. Every death is a new beginning and the path to stopping the Overseer is never the same.

•Shoot through walls, make rooms explode, and obliterate whole floors
•Explore procedural levels with endless variety
•Defeat the bosses in hand-crafted boss fights
•Unlock new abilities, enhancements and weapons
•Install enhancements and upgrade your weapons
•Local co-op devastation for 2-4 players